Benson Muriithi – Scrap Metal Genius!

Former street child and Moving Mountains beneficiary Benson Muriithi was one of the original street children that Moving Mountains and Adventure Alternative supported. As he was too old to get back in to the education system he decided to put his practical skills to good use and with the help & guidance of Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains set up a business making ‘household appliances’ from scrap metal.

It would be impossible to describe how harsh Benson’s life used to be, but if you
can imagine spending 16 hours a day in his slum collecting discarded pieces of
charcoal from the ground and selling his entire days haul for the price of a bowl
of rice and beans then you are pretty close to a day in the old life of Benson.
Things are a little different for Benson these days, he is now employed with the
‘Moving Mountains Kenya Work Team’, earns a regular salary for helping to
manage all our building/renovation projects in Kenya and continues to run his
business in which he employ’s other former street kids, so they too can build a
better life for themselves.


Benson celebrates with Matt from Adventure Alternative

He is also the proud father to Museveni (named after the current Uganda
President) and was one of the founding members of the ‘Black Cats FC’, a football
team and sports programme made up of kids from the slums of Nairobi that is
now on the verge of promotion to Kenya’s second highest division… Benson has also been involved with setting up new ‘Black Cats’ programmes across Kenya.

Museveni was born prematurely and complications would have normally meant
that her life was short lived but thanks to Benson’s business and involvement
with Moving Mountains her hospital & care bills were able to be paid, in a country
where quality medical support is costly to say the least. Benson is a very proud
man and has never asked for a handout, instead Moving Mountains has employed
Benson and helped him to sell his Jiko’s which helped to pay those medical bills
as well as helping to provide a positive future for his family and other street

The ‘Jiko’ is widely used across Kenya for cooking and the miniature version that
Benson sells as a souvenir has proved to be very popular. We don’t expect you to
use it for cooking with but it has become a favourite for pot plants, as a tea light
candle holder or coin collector amongst other things and is a great talking point
for any party.


Benson with one of his ‘Jikos’

If you know anyone who would like a Jiko or if you would like to buy them as a
gift for friends or family then please do let us know. Benson’s hopes for the
future are that his daughter never has to face the hardship and daily struggles
that he once faced and as long as Adventure Alternative and Moving Mountains
continue to grow then his future is very bright!

What you pay for the jiko is genuinely making a difference to an individual who
without Moving Mountains and Adventure Alternative would more than likely still
be living the life of a street child! Instead, through his work with the Moving
Mountains Work Team, he is making a difference to hundreds of kids who were in
a similar position to the old Benson… Spread the word!


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