Dancing all over the World

So, it’s 2012 and just where the hell is Matt (the dude that travels to exotic locations to dance with randoms)? It’s been 4yrs since his last instalment but, as always, it’s well worth the wait: http://bit.ly/Matt2012 This time around he has taken it upon himself to learn a traditional dance from each chosen destination.

Matt Harding in Poria, Papau New Guinea

One of Matt’s objectives, one that we fully subscribe to, is to inspire people to travel! How does he do this? By dancing, quite ridiculously, in front of famous landmarks and beautiful scenery. Yet his most recent video, released after a four year hiatus, shows him engaging with local cultures through dance. He must have realised that it’s much more fun to dance ridiculously with a bunch of enthusiastic locals than on your lonesome.

AA client partaking in traditional Maasai dance

Matt got us thinking…

A common theme that we have recognised throughout the numerous trips that we have led, is that no matter where in the world, however great the language barrier may be, dance can bring a group of people together.  We think the following photos, taken on Adventure Alternative trips, show how dance can be used in celebration, bringing people together.

Students at Bumburi Primary School, Nepal

The picture above shows past and current students of Bumburi Primary School in Nepal performing traditional dances. In Nepal, dances are often region-specific and dedicated to Buddhist Gods and Goddesses.  Whilst below, we have long-term supporters of Moving Mountains, Dani and Chris Wilde, dancing with students of Embu County Primary School. Many of our trips offer close interaction with local communities. If you ever meet these amazing people, we’re sure they will be happy to show you the ropes.

Students at Embu County Primary School, Kenya, showing Chris and Dani the ropes


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